The 7th KIAS workshop on particle physics and cosmology will be organized together with the 2nd KEK-NCTS-KIAS Joint Workshop this year.  This meeting will cover a very broad range of topics in particle physics and cosmology (electroweak symmetry breaking, LHC, Belle II, dark matter, flavors, CMB, etc., to name a few).

We plan to have a number of reviews on the new results from the LHC and other experiments as well as on new theoretical ideas, BSM models and their phenomenology. We hope to have enough discussions on “What’s next ?” at this workshop, and ponder on various possibilities for BSM.

We encourage contributed talks from young physicists to present their recent works relevant to the themes of this meeting.

  • Deadline for the abstract submission : Oct. 15 (Sun), 2017 [passed]
  • Registration Deadline (no registration fee) : Oct. 15 (Sun), 2017 [passed]


  • We welcome people without online registration to attending the workshop after on-site registration.
  • We plan the banquet from 7PM in 9th Nov. at the 1st floor of the same building as the venue of the workshop. 
  • The online registration session was closed (16th Oct.).
  • The program (first ver.) was announced (19th Oct.).
  • The latest program is ver. 4th Nov.
  • For speakers (31th Oct.):
    Please upload your talk file to the webpage in one of the following three ways at least one day prior to the date of your talk as much as possible:
    • ​Uploading your file after a successful login to the webpage.
    • Sending your file to Takaaki Nomura (
    • Contacting one of the local organizing committee members directly during the workshop.
  • A group photo was uploaded (23th Nov.).



Invited speakers for the 7th KIAS workshop:

Kaladi Babu (Oklahoma State Univ.)
Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine (Harvard Univ.)
Kazuo Fujikawa (Nihon Univ.)
Dumitru Ghilencea (IFIN-HH, Buchrest)
Tobias Hurth[#] (Univ. of Mainz)
Alejandro Ibarra (TUM & KIAS)
Joerg Jaeckel (Univ. of Heidelberg)
Zhaofeng Kang (Hua-Zhong Univ. of Science and Technology)
Tae-Jeong Kim (Hanyang Univ.)
Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei Univ.)
Zuowei Liu (Nanjing Univ.)
Kenji Nishiwaki (KIAS)
Massimo Passera (INFN)

(#: remote-talk speaker)

Invited speakers for the 2nd KEK-NCTS-KIAS Joint Workshop:

From Japan:

Amit Chakraborty (KEK)
Yohei Ema (Univ. of Tokyo)
Kin-ya Oda (Osaka Univ.)
Hiroshi Ohki (RIKEN BNL)
Joe Sato (Saitama Univ.)
Takahiro Terada (KEK)
Koji Tsumura (Kyoto Univ.)
Wen Yin (Beijing IHEP)

From Taiwan:

Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Hiroyuki Ishida (NCTS)
Hsiang-nan Li (Academia Sinica)
Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica)
Martin Spinrath (NCTS)
Jusak Tandean (NCTS)
Yue-Lin Sming Tsai (NCTS)

From Korea:

Kyu-Jung Bae (IBS-CTPU)
Jason Evans (KIAS)
Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCTP)
Sunghoon Jung (Seoul National Univ.)
Myeonghoon Park (Seoul Univ. of Science and Technology)
Wan-Il Park (Chonbuk National Univ.)
Chang Sub Shin (APCTP)
Starts 6 Nov 2017 08:30
Ends 10 Nov 2017 16:00
[ Organization ] International Organizing Committee Member : Kingman Cheung (NCTS & NTHU) Eung Jin Chun (KIAS) Ryuichiro Kitano (KEK) Pyungwon Ko (KIAS) Mihoko Nojiri (KEK & Kavli IPMU) Tzu-Chiang Yuan (Academia Sinica) Local Organizing Committee Members : Seungwon Baek (KIAS) Eung Jin Chun (KIAS) Jason Evans (KIAS) Pyungwon Ko (KIAS) Kenji Nishiwaki (KIAS) Takaaki Nomura (KIAS) Staff : Ms. Eun-bi Jang