• KIAS Particle Physics journal club meetings are held every Friday, unless notified otherwise.

  • At each meeting, two presenters introduce one or more recent papers, for an allotted time of around 30 minutes each.

  • After the presentations, the speakers for the subsequent meeting are prompted. Their selection generally follows the order in the list on this site.

  • The current organizer is Suro Kim(Contact : surokim@kias.re.kr).

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2022 KIAS HEP-PH Journal Club

KIAS HEP-PH Journal Club meeting

Room 1423 (KIAS)

Room 1423



=============== journal club meeting ===============

Date: Friday 9th December 2022 11:00-12:00 (KST)

Place: online (zoom)

Join Zoom : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86003055796?pwd=OXpkdTJHOXhpQjBPZysxZXg5ZlBwZz09

Meeting ID : 86003055796

Passcode : 60688383

- Talk Information

Welcome Talk :

Speaker : Dr. Kiyoharu Kawana


Title: Late-forming PBH: Beyond the CMB era

Abstract: The intermediate mass black hole range, 10<M_PBH/M_\odot<10^5, has long offered enticing possibilities for primordial black holes (PBHs), with populations in this range postulated to be responsible for some of the LIGO binary merger detected events as well as the existence of supermassive black holes embedded at galactic centers. However, a prominent bound derived from PBH accretion during recombination severely restricts the mass fraction of intermediate mass PBH. We address this problem by proposing a formation scenario in which "primordial" black holes form late in our cosmological history, beyond the CMB era, and bypassing this bound. 

arXiv: 1901.10152, 1907.06372, 1912.10437; 2007.11804; 2009.13893, 2112.15593; 2109.06864

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