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[Seminar] Yi-Lei Tang

by Prof. Yi-Lei Tang (SYSU, Guangzhou)

1424 in building 1 (KIAS)

1424 in building 1



Title : Thermal effects of a massive vector boson and the corresponding application

Speaker : Prof. Yi-Lei Tang  (SYSU, Guangzhou)

Abstract : In this talk, I would like to show how the thermal mass terms of a vector boson can be introduced in the case that the vector boson is already massive due to the VEV of the Higgs field. In such a case, the behaviors of the vector boson, the (remained) Goldstone boson are much more complicated. This affects the processes significantly when the plasma temperature is comparable with the VEV mass of the vector boson. I show two examples. One is when the mass of the sterile neutrino is of the electroweak scale, the thermal effects on W/Z boson correct the leptogenesis results. The other is a vector-boson portal FIMP model, in which the exotic vector boson's mass is comparable with the mass of the dark matter. I show how these processes can be calculated, and how the results are affected.

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Meeting ID: 861 1821 6690
Passcord: 042313