• KIAS Particle Physics journal club meetings are held every Friday, unless notified otherwise.

  • At each meeting, two presenters introduce one or more recent papers, for an allotted time of around 30 minutes each.

  • After the presentations, the speakers for the subsequent meeting are prompted. Their selection generally follows the order in the list on this site.

  • The current organizer is Suro Kim(Contact : surokim@kias.re.kr).

Attendees can sign up for their lunch boxes via the google forms link prepared by the organizer by 18:00 on the Thursday prior.

2023 KIAS HEP-PH Journal Club

KIAS HEP-PH Journal Club meeting

Room 1423 (KIAS)

Room 1423



=============== journal club meeting ===============

Date: Friday 22nd September 2023 11:00-12:00 (KST)

Place: Room 1423


- Talk Information

Newcomer talk : 

Speaker : Dr. Yu-Hui Zheng

Title : Constructing the EFT operator basis and RGE via helicity formulism

Abstract: We describe a general procedure to construct the independent and complete operator bases for generic Lorentz invariant effective field theories, given any kind of gauge symmetry and field content, up to any mass dimension. By considering the operator as contact on-shell amplitude, the so-called amplitude operator correspondence, we provide a unified construction of the Lorentz and gauge and flavor structures by Young Tableau tensor. Several bases are constructed to emphasize different aspects: independence (y-basis and m-basis), repeated fields with flavors (p-basis and f-basis), and conserved quantum numbers (j-basis). We also provide new algorithms for finding the m-basis by defining inner products for group factors and the p-basis by constructing the matrix representations of the Young symmetrizers from group generators.In especial, j-basis is constructed by the inner product of the Poincare Clebsch-Gordan coefficients. We can see how they simplify the one-loop RGE calculation. Most of these are implemented in a Mathematica package: ABC4EFT (Amplitude Basis Construction for Effective Field Theories). 

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