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[Online] So Chigusa

by Dr So Chigusa (LBL, Berkeley)

Online (KIAS)




Title : Quantum simulation of parton shower with kinematics

Speaker : Dr. So Chigusa

Abstract : Parton shower is a classical probabilistic algorithm that enables us to simulate multi-emission processes, resumming large logarithms. However, if we consider a non-trivial flavor structure, the quantum interference effect plays an important role, which cannot be taken into account by the classical parton shower. In this talk, I show a quantum simulation algorithm of parton shower, which reproduces the full quantum interference in the event and allows to include kinematical effects. By evaluating and comparing computational efforts of cross section calculation in classical and quantum approaches, I reveal the usefulness of quantum computation in the current problem. Also, focusing on a toy model of a flavored dark sector, I show a possible phenomenological impact of the quantum interference effect. This talk is based on arXiv: 2204.12500 and 2310.19881.



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