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[Online] Benjamin Fuks

by Prof. Benjamin Fuks (Paris, LPTHE)

Online (KIAS)




Title : Seeking a coherent explanation of LHC excesses for compressed spectra

Speaker : Prof. Benjamin Fuks

Abstract : The most recent searches by the LHC collaborations in final states with soft leptons and missing transverse energy show mild excesses which can result from decays of electroweakinos featuring a compressed spectrum. We demonstrate that while recent searches in the monojet channel can exclude some of the associated parameter space regions, they exhibit overlapping excesses in certain models, including a simplified scenario with pure higgsinos. We further explore an array of models that go beyond the simplified scenarios considered by the experimental collaborations, and show that the excesses persist in realistic supersymmetric models featuring a bino-like lightest supersymmetric particle with some wino admixture. On the other hand, for the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with a singlino-like lightest supersymmetric particle and higgsino-like next-to-lightest supersymmetric particles, the excess in the two-lepton channel fits rather well with the parameter space predicting the correct relic abundance through freeze out, but the monojet fit is much poorer. Interestingly, the excesses either do not overlap or do not exist at all for two non-supersymmetric models seemingly capable of producing the correct final states.



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