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2021 Spring KIAS HEP Seminar Series

Unified Framework for Flavor Anomalies, Muon g-2 and Neutrino masses

by Prof. Kaladi Sankaran Babu (Oklahoma State University)


Title: Unified Framework for Flavor Anomalies, Muon g-2 and Neutrino masses

Speaker: Prof. Kaladi Sankaran Babu (Oklahoma State University)

Abstract: In this talk I shall explore a unified description of flavor anomalies reported in the decays of B mesons, the discrepancy between theory and experiment in muon g-2, and the generation of small neutrino masses via radiative corrections.  An explicit model based on R2 and S3 leptoquarks will be discussed and its experimental tests will be outlined.  Limits on the leptoquark Yukawa couplings to the first two family quarks will be derived from non-resonant dilepton production searches at the LHC.  In addition, it will be shown that sizable muon g-2 can arise in a context that explains naturally a large neutrino magnetic moment which may be relevant for the XENON1T excess.

[Seminar] Kaladi Sankaran Babu
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