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2021 Fall KIAS HEP Seminar Series

Reheating Predictions and Phenomenology from Inflation with Non-minimal Coupling

by Mr Sung Mook Lee (Yonsei U.)

1423 (KIAS Building 1)


KIAS Building 1


Title: Reheating Predictions and Phenomenology from Inflation with Non-minimal Coupling

Speaker: Sung Mook Lee (Yonsei U.)

Abstract: In the inflationary paradigm, reheating processes have potentially rich phenomenology. First, for the observational side, this affects predictions on cosmological observables. We study the effects of reheating on inflationary predictions of models with general non-minimal coupling possessing asymptotically flat potential, including Higgs inflation. We consider a wide range of non-minimal coupling in both metric and Palatini formalisms. Second, for the connection of BSM physics, we propose a scenario of spontaneous leptogenesis during the reheating in Higgs inflation, considering two higher order non-renormalizable terms responsible for lepton number violation and spontaneous CPT violation, respectively.

[Seminar] Sung Mook Lee
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