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KIAS HEP seminars

Exploding operators for Majorana neutrino masses

by Dr John Gargalionis (Valencia University)

1424 in building 1 (KIAS)

1424 in building 1



Title: Exploding operators for Majorana neutrino masses

Speaker: Johnathon James Gargalionis (Valencia University) 

Abstract: In this talk I will describe a procedure for the automated building of simplified models starting from effective operators, and how this procedure was used to derive a large class of novel and historical neutrino-mass models. I will discuss some details of the algorithm before concentrating on the database of neutrino-mass models that it has produced. This will include a survey of some general features of the models, and what they tell us about possible connections between the neutrino-mass mechanism and other phenomena. I will conclude with possible future directions in automated model building and phenomenology. The talk will be broadly based on this paper:

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