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KIAS HEP seminars

Noncommutative (algebraic) geometry, fundamental physics, and quantum information.

by Prof. Otto Kong (Taiwan National Central Univ.)

1424 in building 1 (KIAS)

1424 in building 1



Title:  Noncommutative (algebraic) geometry, fundamental physics, and quantum information.

Speaker: Otto Kong (Taiwan National Central Univ.) 

Abstract: We have developed a symmetry theoretically based framework for fundamental physics with a picture of noncommutative (algebraic) geometry for spacetime, quantum mechanics, and beyond. A central new conceptual notion is the noncommutative values of observables, q-number values for q-number observables. The noncommutative values may be the noncommutative analog of the c-numbers, i.e. real numbers, at least for physics if not for mathematics. Practically, they may be the best representation of pieces of quantum information, helping to give a picture of quantum reality as a direct noncommutative version of the classical one. There are many new results with great theoretical and philosophical implications. We will give a sketch of that all focusing on the perspectives rather than the details.

[Seminar] Otto Kong
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