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[Seminar] Werner Porod

by Prof. Werner Porod (Wurzburg Univ.)

7323 in building 1 (KIAS)

7323 in building 1



Title: LHC bounds on composite Higgs models and implications for naturalness

Speaker: Werner Porod (Wurzburg Univ.) 

Abstract: All but the minimal Composite Higgs model contain additional scalars beside the Higgs boson. Moreover,
they contain fermionic states beside the usually considered top-partners. In this talk we will first consider LHC bounds on these scalars and fermions using simplified models. We will then take a particular example featuring a fermionic UV completion to demonstrate how such bounds can be used to constrain Composite Higgs models. We will see that there are cases for which current LHC data imply that the masses of the top-partners should be above 2.5 TeV. We will briefly touch upon the question to which extent such models fulfill the requirement of naturalness.

[Seminar] Werner Porod
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