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KIAS HEP seminars

Phase transition at the early Universe

by Dr Masanori Tanaka (Osaka University)

1423 in building 1 (KIAS)

1423 in building 1



Title: Phase transition at the early Universe

Speaker: Masanori Tanaka (Osaka University)

Abstract: In this lecture, I will give a review for the electroweak phase transition at the early Universe. It is well known that the electroweak symmetry is broken at the early Universe. However, the dynamics of electroweak symmetry breaking is still unknown. On the other hand, several problems beyond the standard model may be solved via the electroweak phase transition (cf. electroweak baryogenesis). In this lecture, we derive an effective potential at finite temperatures. Then, we discuss the dynamics of the first order phase transition by using the effective potential. Finally, we discuss predicted gravitational waves produced by the first order phase transition. 

[Seminar] Masanori Tanaka
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