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[Online] No $ν$s is Good News

by Prof. Daniel Green (UC, San Diego)


Title: No $ν$s is Good News

Speaker: Prof. Daniel Green (UC, San Diego)

Abstract: The baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) analysis from the first year of data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), when combined with data from the cosmic microwave background (CMB), has placed an upper-limit on the sum of neutrino masses, $\sum m_\nu < 70$ meV (95%). In addition to excluding the minimum sum associated with the inverted hierarchy, the posterior is peaked at $\sum m_\nu = 0$ and is close to excluding even the minumum sum, 58 meV at 2$\sigma$. In this paper, we explore the implications of this data for cosmology and particle physics. The sum of neutrino mass is determined in cosmology from the suppression of clustering in the late universe. Allowing the clustering to be enhanced, we extended the DESI analysis to $\sum m_\nu < 0$ and find $\sum m_\nu = - 160 \pm 90$ meV (68%), and that the suppression of power from the minimum sum of neutrino masses is excluded at 99% confidence. We show this preference for negative masses makes it challenging to explain the result by a shift of cosmic parameters, such as the optical depth or matter density. We then show how a result of $\sum m_\nu =0$ could arise from new physics in the neutrino sector, including decay, cooling, and/or time-dependent masses. These models are consistent with current observations but imply new physics that is accessible in a wide range of experiments. In addition, we discuss how an apparent signal with $\sum m_\nu < 0$ can arise from new long range forces in the dark sector or from a primordial trispectrum that resembles the signal of CMB lensing.

The title and the abstract are brought from the paper 2405.00836 by the organizer.

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