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KIAS HEP seminars

Type II Seesaw leptogenesis

by Chengcheng Han (Sun Yat-Sen University)

1423 in building 1 (KIAS)

1423 in building 1



Title: Type II Seesaw leptogenesis

Speaker: Chengcheng Han (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Abstract: we find that the triplet Higgs of the type-II seesaw mechanism can simultaneously generate the neutrino masses and observed baryon asymmetry while playing a role in inflation. This model will be probed at the future 100 TeV collider, upcoming lepton flavor violation experiments such as Mu3e, and neutrinoless double beta decay experiments. Thus, this simple framework provides a unified solution to the three major unknowns of modern physics—inflation, the neutrino masses, and the observed baryon asymmetry—while simultaneously providing unique phenomenological predictions that will be probed terrestrially at upcoming experiments.