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KIAS HEP seminars

Dark matter in the light of no signals

by Prof. Juan Herrero Garcia (Valencia U., IFIC)

Room 1423 (KIAS)

Room 1423



Title: Dark matter in the light of no signals

Speaker: Juan Herrero Garcia (Valencia U., IFIC)

Abstract: The evidence for the existence of non-baryonic dark matter is overwhelming, coming from many different scales. However, there are still no positive signals. In this talk, we will discuss several novel directions in dark matter model-building. We will analyse various well-motivated scenarios such as pseudo-Nambu Goldstone bosons, annihilations into sterile neutrinos, multi-component DM and asymmetric freeze-in, which obey current limits and yield distinctive signals which may allow to test them in the future.

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Meeting ID: 869 4290 0566

Passcode: 655102