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Looking forward to sub-GeV long-lived particles with FASER

by Krzysztof Jodlowski (IBS-CTPU)

Room 1423 (KIAS)

Room 1423



Title: Looking forward to sub-GeV long-lived particles with FASER

Speaker: Krzysztof Jodlowski (IBS-CTPU)

Abstract: Many Dark Sector models contain sub-GeV long-lived particles, acting either as mediators with the SM or as subdominant DM components. The forward physics detectors at the LHC are particularly suitable for hunting such highly-boosted light species thanks to the high luminosity and energy of proton-proton collisions. We discuss detection prospects of several such scenarios at future experiments, e.g., FPF, SHiP, and MATHUSLA. We investigate sub-GeV DM connected to the SM by vector or scalar portals, and also by electromagnetic form-factor interactions. We also study other Dark Sector species such as sterile neutrinos, axion-like particles, massive spin-2 mediator, and neutralino decaying into axino/gravitino and a photon. We find that these experiments will cover a significant part of the available parameter space for each of them. We also show that secondary production of LLPs can extend the coverage of parameter spaces to the regime of smaller lifetimes.