The 2nd Asian-European-Institutes (AEI) Workshop for BSM and the 10th KIAS Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology

The Grand Sumorum, Jeju

The Grand Sumorum, Jeju

114, Maksukpo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (1513, Beophwan-dong)
Eung Jin Chun (Korea Institute for Advanced Study), Tomasz Dutka (Korea Institute for Advanced Study), Jongkuk Kim (KIAS), Pyungwon Ko (KIAS), Jae-hyeon Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study), Myeonghun Park (Seoultech)

The 2nd “Asian-European-Institutes Workshop for BSM” will be held jointly with the 10th "KIAS Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology". This will be the first event in the series since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim of this meeting is to gather theorists from participating institutes together to share their current research related to particle physics and cosmology, with a particular focus on BSM. Additionally, a number of overview talks from invited speakers have been organised to outline, and provide updates to, some broad classes of theoretical models. This joint workshop will provide opportunities for collaboration between researchers from different institutes, and help young researchers better promote themselves in the community. 

The event will be held at The Grand Sumorum, Jeju Island between Nov. 13-18, 2022 (ending after lunch on the Friday).

Invited Speakers

AEI Workshop:

  • Josh Eby (Kavli IPMU)
  • Christoph Englert (Glasgow U.)
  • Jason L. Evans* (T.D. Lee Institute, SJTU)
  • Sungwoo Hong (U. Chicago, KAIST)
  • Rachel Houtz (IPPP, Durham)
  • Valya Khoze (IPPP, Durham)
  • Jeong Han Kim (CBNU)
  • Frank Krauss (IPPP, Durham)
  • Hye-Sung Lee (KAIST)
  • Shu Li* (T.D. Lee Institute, SJTU)
  • Kyohei Mukaida* (KEK)
  • Myeonghun Park (Seoultech, KIAS)
  • Lauren Pearce* (Penn State U, New Kensington)
  • Satoshi Shirai (Kavli IPMU)
  • Minho Son (KAIST)
  • Yufeng Wang* (T.D. Lee Institute, SJTU)
  • Zhi-Peng Xing* (T.D. Lee Institute, SJTU)
  • Ning Zhou* (SJTU)

KIAS Workshop:

  • Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay (Indian Inst. Tech., Hyderabad)
  • Sang Hui Im (IBS-CTPU)
  • Chulwoo Jung (BNL)
  • Hyun Min Lee (CAU)
  • Seong Chan Park (Yonsei)
  • Wan-Il Park (JBNU)
  • Seodong Shin (JBNU)
  • Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk)


* Indicates an online talk.

Important notices:

Deadline - Abstract submission: Oct. 23, 23:00, 2022 (KST).

- A number of rooms at the workshop hotel have been booked in preparation for the joint workshop.

Invited speakers will have their accommodation (including breakfast) covered by the workshop. Others who also wish to stay at the same hotel can find details of the costs on the registration page.

- Lunch and dinner will be provided gratis to invited speakers. Otherwise, a registration fee of 250,000 KRW for domestic participants, or 180 USD for foreigners will be charged to those who wish to attend the organised lunches and dinners (with the invited speakers). If you plan to explore the local restaurants yourself, you do not need to pay the registration fee.

- For those in need of financial support: please indicate this on the registration form. There are some limited funds for speakers with insufficient budgets.

  • Ahmed Hammad
  • Chandrima Sen
  • Christoph Englert
  • Chulwoo Jung
  • Dibyendu Nanda
  • Dong Woo Kang
  • Eung Jin Chun
  • Frank Krauss
  • Graham White
  • Hye-Sung Lee
  • Hyeonmo Koo
  • Hyun Min Lee
  • Jae Hoon Jeong
  • Jae-hyeon Park
  • Jaeok Yi
  • Jason EVans
  • Jeong Han Kim
  • Jeonghyeon Song
  • Jiheon Lee
  • Jongkuk Kim
  • Joshua Eby
  • Kyohei Mukaida
  • Lauren Pearce
  • Masahito Yamazaki
  • Meshkat Rajaee
  • Minho SON
  • Myeonghun Park
  • Ning Zhou
  • Pankaj Saha
  • Pouya Bakhti
  • Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay
  • Pyungwon Ko
  • Rachel Houtz
  • Raymundo Ramos
  • Samuel Lane
  • Sang Hui Im
  • Sanjoy Mandal
  • Satoshi Shirai
  • Seodong Shin
  • Seong Chan Park
  • Shigeki Matsumoto
  • Shu Li
  • So Young Shim
  • Sumit Ghosh
  • Sungwoo Hong
  • Suro Kim
  • Tae Hyun Jung
  • Thomas Flacke
  • Tom Melia
  • Tomasz Dutka
  • Toshinori Matsui
  • Ui Min
  • Valentin Khoze
  • Wan-Il Park
  • Xiao-Gang He
  • Xing-Yu Yang
  • Yu Watanabe
  • Yufeng Wang
  • Zhi-Peng Xing
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